Research collaboration

Biopharm Nexus has ongoing research projects with Universities in Canada, Japan and Bangladesh. Most of the projects are related with biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and molecular biology. Currently, we have started to develop Zika Virus Detection Strip by lateral flow immunoassay of almost zero cross reactivity with other flavivirus. The project started in collaboration with University of New Brunswick, Canada. Our other product, a Phacoemulsification Medical Device to use in cataract surgery are invented and patented by our eye surgeon doctor and medical device researcher in Bangladesh. We are now heading to human clinical trial and raising fund for it.




Biotech and Biopharmaceutical

  1. Design of Bioreactor
  2. Fermentation process development, scale up, optimization and commercial scale
  3. Biotech research lab and manufacturing facility design
  4. Quality by Design (QBD) in setting up quality system during product development, process design
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Recombinant protein technology development such as Insulin, Interferon, Monoclonal antibodies (mABs), Erythropoetin, Filgrastim, PEG-Interferon, PEG-Filgrastim, PEG-Erythropoetin etc from R&D to commercial production
  7. Tech transfer and set up in commercial scale

Business Development

Biopharm Nexus generates business ideas, prepares business cases, and strategically connects industries around the world. It’s the time of unpredictable economical shift, rise of disruptive technology and inbound marketing paradigms. Choosing a product or service, and execution of an idea is far more challenging than before. We try to connect the invisible dot, create opportunities and make platforms to execute for companies. Having business in two different countries between different regions has its challenges and advantages. Our goal is to connect first and third world countries through a secure business model to penetrate more market shares and spread technology to less developed countries.